Camp King archive officially opened

Last Saturday (16th March, 2013) saw a day arrive that many people associated with the Camp King area had been waiting for, none more so than local history Manfred Kopp, when the Camp King archive finally moved into its permanent home at the “Kinderhaus”.

Except that the “Kinderhaus” was not always called that.  On the map it may now have the address “Jean-Sauer-Weg 2”, but it was originally called “Haus am Wald” and had the address “Außerhalb 7”.  In the post-war period it was called “Haus Florida”, and the U.S. army later called it simply “Haus 997”.

At 11am a group gathered around the entrance to the cellar, next to the artwork “Don’t look back”, among them Mayor Hans-Georg Brum and Deputy Principle Officer of the U.S. Consulate General in Frankfurt, Charisse Phillips. [Read more…]

Camp King archive to be officially opened on Saturday

You may know the building as “Haus am Wald” or as “Außerhalb 7”, maybe as “Haus Florida” or “Haus 997”.  However if you only moved to Oberursel in the last 15 years it is quite possible that you only know it as the “Kinderhaus”.

That building in Camp King, which was originally built in 1921 and has since been known by all of those names, it set to become the permanent home of the Camp King archive, where all of the information collected about the area can be made available in future to historians and school classes.

The official opening will take place on Saturday, 16th March, 2013 at 11pm, and after a speech by Mayor Hans-Georg Brum his predecessor Gerd Krämer will give a talk entitled “Erinnerung braucht Ort” (remembrance needs places). [Read more…]

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