Informing residents in the Eppsteiner Straße

A new information centre has opened in the Eppsteiner Straße to inform local residents about the de-contamination work taking place there.

Located at Eppsteiner Straße 11 – the property which was used as a shop and is currently part of the discussions about the health side-effects of the matter – it is open Tuesday from 10am until noon and Thursday from 3pm until 5.30pm.

Members of the environmental office in the town hall will be there at those times to explain the work taking place and to answer any questions that local residents may have.

On the first day, which happened to fall on Shrove Tuesday, there were only three visitors to the shop, one of whom also happens be a member of the German branch of “Friends of the Earth” (BUND) who have been arguing with the town about the way the work has been carried out and how the public have been informed in the past.

Alderman Christof Fink, who was also in the shop on the first day, said that it was too early to draw any conclusions from the low visitor numbers, although he did comment that if people were very unsettled about the matter then more would probably have come.

He also pointed out that a number of questions had been asked directly at the town hall.

At present it is not known how long the information centre will remain in the shop, the de-contamination is set to continue for at least another year.


Church office broken into

The church office of the St. Ursula community was broken into on the night of Saturday 15th / Sunday 16th June, 2013.  Thieves forced open the entrance to the building, causing around €1,000 of damage here alone.  According to police they then searched the building for valuables and discovered a safe which they took with them.  The safe contained cash, although the police report does not state how much was in the safe at the time.

Break-in at office caused more damage than loss

A break-in at an office in the street “In der Au” over the course of last weekend (19th-21st April, 2013) caused around €1,000 of damage.

According to police the thieves entered the building through a window in the basement before trying to open a safe.

When that failed they appear to have left with just a pair of gloves worth €1.99.


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