Schüssel Live at the Hessentag

Drama and Comedy - ©Can Stock Photo Inc. / lenmLocal comedian “Schüssler” (Peter Schuessel) will be performing live at the Hessentag on Saturday, 11th June at 4pm on the Raiffeisenbank stage at the Markplatz, and on Friday, 17th June at 6pm on the Süwag stage in the Rushmoor park.

To get to the Markplatz take the U-Bahn to either “Altstadt” or “Stadtmitte”, for Rushmoor park use either “Stadtmitte” or “Oberursel Bahnhof”.


Oberursel and the Taunus (TV)

TV set - ©Can Stock Photo Inc. / megastockerThe local televsion station “Hessen 3” is showing a documentary about Oberursel this evening.

In the programme, which is due to be transmitted at 8.15pm, Oberursel’s arguably most famous comedian Peter Schuessler will be taking viewers on a tour through town.

The programme is called “Oberursel und der Taunus” in German and will be repeated tomorrow morning at 1.45am.


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