The contrasts of the Photo-Cirkel

Contrasts – or “Kontraste” – is the subject of an exhibition currently on show at Oberursel’s library containing photographs by members of the Photo-Cirkel club.

At the opening of the exhibition on Saturday, 27th September, 2014, their chairman Günter Albrecht explained that the topic had been chosen at the beginning of the year, although interestingly some of the photographs on show were actually taken several years ago.

The 11 photographers have interpreted the word “contrasts” in different ways. Some have taken the more literal approach of contrasting colours, whilst others are more subtle and have contrasting motives. A steam train is pictured next to an Inter-City-Express. A woman in traditional Latin American clothes can be seen operating a modern payment system. And a flash sports car features in one photograph next to a guard in a colonial uniform.

On display are photographs by Dr. Manfred Bick, Carrie Haub, Friderun Heil, Hartmut Kullmann, Brigitte Lehman, Christa Schwermann, Reinhart Stoll, Christian J. Weill, Berthold Schinke, Marlene Bode and Günter Albrecht himself.

Hartmut Kullmann in front of his photograph -Turmbau-

Hartmut Kullmann in front of his photograph ‘Turmbau’

The chairman of the Kulturkreis Lothar M. Wachter commented on the choice of topic, saying that it was an interesting choice for a photographic exhibition, and pointed out his favourites from each of the photographers. His overall favourite was one called “Turmbau” by Hartmut Kullmann which shows the a scaffolding tower being built for a rock concert in Vinczea in 2006.

Alderman Christof Fink, representing the town’s Mayor, said that the town was glad to have the Photo-Cirkel and commented on the high quality of the photographs on show.

The exihibtion can be seen during the library’s opening times until Friday, 10th October, 2014.

Fotos erzählen Geschichten – Photos tell stories

An exhibition of photographs taken by members of the Photo-Cirkel in Oberursel is currently on display at the town’s library.

Each of the photos or photo sets tells a story, hence the title of the exhibition, such as the hunting pelican, or “from corn to bread”.

It was officially opened on Friday, 12th October, by the leader of the circle, Günter Albrecht, with Mayor Hans-Georg Brum and the chairman of the culture circle Lothar M. Wachter, and was accompanied by music played by Björn Grün and Stefan Heller.

The photos can be viewed during the normal opening times of the library until Wednesday, 31st October, 2012.  These are:

Tuesday-Saturday 10am-1pm
Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday 3pm-6pm
Thursday 3pm-7pm

The photographers are: Reinhart Stoll, Günter Albrecht, Harro Peschmann, Manfred Opitz, Marlene Bode, Christian J. Weill, Hans Peter Lipp, Christa Schwermann, Carrie Haub and Brigitte Lehmann.

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