Back to school for the classes of ’53

For the children living in Oberursel in 1953 who here six years old, 15th April was the day the remember as starting primary school.

Children living here now may well ask “which one?”, but there only was one primary school – the “Volksschule Mitte”, now called the “Grundschule Mitte” in the Schulstraße, and this served all of the children living between the border with Bommersheim and the Hohemark.

60 years later, and around 30 of those children – now aged 66 – returned to the school to visit their old classroom and to see how the school had changed. [Read more…]

Primary Schools in Oberursel

Mortar board - ©Can Stock Photo Inc. / jgroupThe primary schools in Oberursel (Grundschule) will be presenting themselves during the Hessentag on Thursday, 16th June, between 10am and 1pm on the Raiffeisenbank stage at the Marktplatz.

The market square, or Marktplatz is located on the Hessentagsstraße in the central area of the town.  The nearest U-Bahn station is “Oberursel Altstadt”.

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