Moped driver fatally injured on road from Bad Homburg

A 53-year-old man from Oberursel was fatally injured on his way from Bad Homburg to Oberursel on Wednesday evening (3rd January, 2018).
According to police, he was travelling along the L3006 road at 6.45pm between the junctions with the Zeppelinstraße and the A661, when he was hit by a VW bus driven by a 35-year-old woman from Schmitten. As a result of the collision he was knocked to the ground and was taken to hospital, where he died later the same evening.
The driver from Schmitten, who also had three children in the vehicle, was unhurt. An expert was called to the scene of the accident, to try and find out what happened. Whilst this was going on the road was closed towards Oberursel and the fire brigade from Bad Homburg provided lighting to assist. They also cleaned the carriageway.

Crash caused €11,000 damage on New Year’s Day

A 52-year-old man from Frankfurt and a 28-year-old man from Bad Homburg were driving along the L3006 (Urseler Straße) towards Oberursel on 1st January, 2014, at around 2.35pm.

As the traffic lights on the junction to the A661 motorway turned from green to amber, both put on their brakes, but the 28-year-old who was in the car behind the 52-year-old realised that he had braked too late and swerved to avoid a collision.

In doing so, his Mercedes drove over a road sign and hit the pole which carries the traffic lights.

Although no-one was hurt and the car from Frankfurt was undamaged, around €11,000 of damage was caused.

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