Not much wind but a lot of fun for the children

Last Saturday, 20th September, 2014, saw Universal Children’s Day celebrated in Germany and this year the Lions Club Oberursel-Schillerturm had come up with an event together with the town’s “Kinderbüro”: a Drachenfest.  And since this year is the year of the twinning anniversaries, it turned into the “1st International Oberursel Drachenfest“.

Drachen is the German word both for a kite and a dragon, and both were present on the field at the end of the Platanenstraße in Stierstadt where the festival took place.  One part of the field was roped off for kite-flyers, where the “Drachenclub Aiolos” from Rodgau soon had the first kites in the air and some larger models on the ground, including a dragon-shaped one.

Unfortunately the weather did not play along and so there were not only heavy showers during the day, but a thunderstorm as well.  The wind was only slight, so that only a few children used the opportunity to fly their kites.

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Lions Club donate two new benches to the Adenauerallee

The Lions Club in Oberursel have donated two new benches, together worth €1,500, to the park next to the Adenauerallee.

The benches are dedicated to to Dr. Werner Velten, their president in the years 1986 and 1987 who died in 2009, and Erwin Rathgeb, chairman of the town council between 1977 and 1993 and one of their members, who died in 2010.

They were officially handed over to the town in the presence of the widows of both men and Mayor Hans-Georg Brum.

Hans-Georg Brum with Renate Velten and Inge Rathgeb at the unveiling of the new benches

Hans-Georg Brum with Renate Velten and Inge Rathgeb at the unveiling of the new benches

Open Day in the Open Air

“That’s a lot of money” commented Bardo K. as he saw the cheque for the first time.

The cheque in question was a donation from the Lions Club Bad Homburg-Weißer Turm to the charity “Natur und Psychomotorik e.V.” in Oberstedten for €4,367.20 who were holding an open day on their piece of land located in the woods outside of the town.

But if the Lions Club were on their side, the weather certainly was not.  After several days of sunshine it started to rain just hours before the open day was due to start, with the heavens opening as it got underway. [Read more…]

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