Witness spots potential vandals at swimming pool

An observant member of the public reported two men to police who were behaving strangely within the grounds of the swimming pool in Oberursel last Saturday evening (6th April, 2013).

Both of the men had rucksacks with them and as police approached them, they fled.  The police officers were, however, able to catch up with one of them them and on searching the 17-year-old’s rucksack they found graffiti spray cans and alcohol.

A search of the grounds then found evidence of an attempted break-in on one of the doors, along with a metal bar which police presume to have been used in the attempt.

The teenager was arrested and the investigation is ongoing.


The last sunset over Oberursel’s outdoor swimming pool… for now

Oberursel's outdoor swimming pool as it shut at 7pm on 16th September 2012

These photos were taken during the last hour of the outdoor swimming pool (Freibad) in Oberursel, on Sunday, 16th September, 2012, between 6pm and 7pm.

As the sun set over the trees, the pool slowly emptied, the gate was locked up for the last time and the guests slowly made their way home – some of them with souvenirs from the buildings that are due to be knocked down next week.

The pool is due to re-open for the summer season in 2014.

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