No U-Bahn or trams in Frankfurt on Wednesday

A strike in Frankfurt will mean that no U-Bahn trains or trams will be running on Wednedsay, 19th March, 2014.  A number of bus routes are also affected.

Some of the bus drivers will also be striking on Thursday and Friday.

Oberursel in particular will be affected by the U-Bahn not running.  To get to Frankfurt the best alternative will probably be the S-Bahn S5.

Building site at Kupferhammer

This photo shows why the U3 line in Oberursel had to be partially closed last week.  The factory buildings at the “Kupferhammer” were being demolished and part of the system that carries the overhead lines was fixed to one of the walls.

A view along the U3 with the remains of the factory to the left.

The factory, which even had its own siding from the days when goods were transported on the line (tram line 24), was known as the “Lumpensortieranstalt Berger” and later as the “Jandorf-Fabrik”.

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