Accident on B455 caused by U-Turn

In an accident on the B455 on Wednesday afternoon (21st May, 2014) one person was seriously injured and 9,000 Euro of damage was caused, when a 82-year old driver travelling towards Kronberg stopped at the end of the acceleration lane and then tried turn and drive back the other way.

During the U-Turn the car was hit by another car coming up from the A661.  One of the passengers in that car was trapped and had to be cut free by the fire brigade.

Crash during U-Turn on the Königsteiner Straße

A 74-year-old driving an Audi A1 crashed attempting to make a U-Turn on the Königsteiner Straße (K772) on Tuesday, 7th January, 2014 at around 2pm.

They were heading from Königstein towards Oberursel when they turned off into the Königsteiner Straße and then tried to turn around to return to the B455.  However the driver oversaw the traffic island and hit one of the roadsigns causing €3,000 of damage.

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