Freiligrathstraße closed until November

Roadworks sign - ©Can Stock Photo Inc. / RedKoalaThe Freiligrathstraße will be closed from Monday, 22nd September until approximately 7th November, 2014, to allow for resurfacing work to take place.

Traffic will be diverted along the Ebertstraße and An der Billwiese.  The Alexander-Hess-Straße will be one-way towards the Berliner Straße.


Police looking for exhibitionist

Detectives in Bad Homburg are trying to trace a man who was seen completely naked around 5.35pm on Sunday, 27th July, 2014, in the area at the end of the Freiligrathstraße.  Apparently, the same man was also spotted in the area at the beginning of May.

He is described as around 40 years old, 1.80m tall, with a very light skin colour and well built with a muscular stomach.  It is suspected that he had a bicycle with him that had saddlebags on it.  Anyone who can shed some light on the matter is asked to call Bad Homburg police on 06172 1200.

Pensioner oversaw U-Bahn

A 86-year-old cyclist was travelling along the Freiligrathstraße from the Feldbergstraße towards the Herzbergstraße and had to cross the U-Bahn tracks.  At this point there is a pedestrian crossing which according to police was showing red.

Apparently the man did not notice the U-Bahn which was passing at the time and hit the side of the last carriage.  He was slightly injured and 50 Euro of damage was caused to the bicycle.

The line was closed for 35 minutes during which time a replacement service was set up.

Bridge over A661 closed for 8 weeks

The bridge across the A661 motorway that is an extension of the Freiligrathstraße will be closed from Tuesday, 2nd April, until Friday, 31st May, 2013 to allow repairs to take place.

The bridge is normally only open to pedestrians, cyclists and farm vehicles, and as such no diversion will be signposted.

Spotted in the Freiligrathstraße

A barn with Alt-Orschel motif in the Freiligrathstrasse in Oberursel

A barn with Alt-Orschel motif near the motorway bridge

Oberursel in bloom

10 weeks ago the farmers and beekeepers in Oberursel planted seeds in three areas of the town, supported by the farmers’ support group (Landwirtschaftlichen Förderverein).

These areas, known as “Blühinseln” are now in full bloom, offering nourishment for bees, butterflies, and insects.

But not only that.   In the Freiligrathstraße the borders offer some natural protection for the fields and orchards, as it appears that dogs are less willing to cross them than they were previously.

The seeds are a mixture called “Gönninger SommerPracht“, which contains both grasses and a variety of flowers.  Walkers in the Freiligrathstraße are treated to a colourful array on both sides of the road, and there are further beds at the Maasgrund and the Taunus Information Centre.

However people are requested not to pick the flowers, which would only last about two days anyway.  Anyone who would like the mixture at home can buy the seeds in small quantities on-line. [Read more…]

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