Car damaged – note left – driver absconded

A Porsche Carrera 911 was damaged whilst it was parked at the Taunus Information Centre on Tuesday, 2nd April, 2013, some time between 11am and 1.30pm.  The damage is to the front left wing (fender) and is estimated to be around €1,000.

Police believe that the damage was caused by another car parking or leaving next to the Porsche.  The driver who caused the accident left a note with their telephone number, but as this does not comply with the obligations that they have according to law § 34 StVO this means that officially they absconded from the scene of an accident and police have started an investigation.  Had the driver called the police and left the note, then this would not have been necessary.

Anyone who saw the accident take place is asked to call the police station in Oberursel on 06171 62400.

Break-in at the Taunus Information Centre

The restaurant at the Taunus Information Centre (Taunus-Informations-Zentrum) was broken into on the night between Easter Sunday and Easter Monday.  According to police nothing was stolen, but considerable damage was caused.


Oberursel in bloom

10 weeks ago the farmers and beekeepers in Oberursel planted seeds in three areas of the town, supported by the farmers’ support group (Landwirtschaftlichen Förderverein).

These areas, known as “Blühinseln” are now in full bloom, offering nourishment for bees, butterflies, and insects.

But not only that.   In the Freiligrathstraße the borders offer some natural protection for the fields and orchards, as it appears that dogs are less willing to cross them than they were previously.

The seeds are a mixture called “Gönninger SommerPracht“, which contains both grasses and a variety of flowers.  Walkers in the Freiligrathstraße are treated to a colourful array on both sides of the road, and there are further beds at the Maasgrund and the Taunus Information Centre.

However people are requested not to pick the flowers, which would only last about two days anyway.  Anyone who would like the mixture at home can buy the seeds in small quantities on-line. [Read more…]

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