Changes to U3 trains from Saturday

U-Bahn (U3) single unit train in Oberursel station on 12th August 2012Due to works on the track at Niederursel the U3 trains from Oberursel will terminate at Weißkirchen-Ost from Friday, 4th June until Tuesday, 14th June, 2016.

A replacement bus service will take rail passengers to Niederursel and Nordweststadt, from where the U1 will continue into Frankfurt.  The U1 will be running more frequently than usual.

The U8 route will not be serviced by trains and the U9 will only run between Riedberg and Nieder-Eschbach.

To get to Frankfurt without using the bus service it is advisable to change to the S5 line in Oberursel.

On Sunday, 12th June, works on a bridge in Bommersheim mean that the U3 will not be running at all and will be replaced by buses between Weißkirchen-Ost and Hohemark.

U3 Trains terminating at Niederursel

From Saturday, 9th August until Saturday, 16th August, 2014, the U3 trains from Oberursel-Hohemark will only be travelling as far as Niederursel to allow for work on the rails to take place.

A replacement bus service will take passengers from Niederursel to Heddernheim in Frankfurt, from where the trains will continue as normal to the Südbahnhof.

However the bus will not be stopping at the stations Wiesenau and Zeilweg.

As the S-Bahn trains are also running a reduced service at present, getting to Frankfurt in the coming week will require a good deal of patience.

One alternative is to travel to Bad Homburg by car, and use the U-Bahn line U2 from Ober-Eschbach, as this is not affected by the disruptions.

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