Changes to the U-Bahn at the weekend

Due to works on the U-Bahn network in Frankfurt at the weekend, the U3 line will not be running as usual.

On Friday evening (5th October, 2012) trains after 10pm and on Saturday (6th October) will terminate at Heddernheim from where a replacement bus service will continue into Frankfurt as far as Dornbusch.  A reduced service will be in operation between Dornbusch and Südbahnhof.

On Sunday (7th October), the U3 line will be diverted to Nord-West-Stadt and will terminate at Ginnheim.  Buses at Nord-West-Stadt will connect with Dornbusch.

The line U8 will not be running at all during this time, to travel to Riedberg passengers will need to use the line U9.


U3 to be replaced by buses at the weekend

U-Bahn Trains at the Hohemark TerminusDue to work on the level crossing in the Gattenhöferweg the U-Bahn “U3” will be terminating at Bommersheim on Saturday and Sunday.

A replacement bus service will be in operation between Bommersheim and Hohemark, with the bus stops either adjacent or near to the train stations.

The stop for the town centre is located in the Feldbergstraße.

Trains to replaced by buses at night in the coming week

U-Bahn trains at the Hohemark terminus in OberurselLocal train company VGF have announced that the U3 line that runs through Oberursel will be replaced by buses starting tomorrow, Monday 23rd April, 2012 until Thursday 26th April between Oberursel’s main station (Oberursel Bahnhof) and the end of the line at the Hohemark after 10pm at night.

This is to allow the railway sleepers along the line to be replaced.

The last train from the Südbahnhof to travel to Hohemark will leave at 20:45.  The last train from Hohemark will leave at 21:42.

The buses will stop at or near the stations along the length of the line, and will leave Hohemark 5 minutes before the scheduled time of the train in order to connect with the trains at Oberursel Bahnhof.

Buses to replace U3 service between Lahnstraße and Hohemark tomorrow

U-Bahn trains at the Hohemark terminus in OberurselThe U3 will not be running between Lahnstraße and Hohemark tomorrow, Saturday 25th February 2012, from 6am until around 4pm.

During this time replacement buses will be running.

The bus stop is in Lahnstraße itself, and not in the Hohemarkstraße.

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