Prince Jürgen I. at the town hall

Having successfully taken over the town hall last Saturday, Prince Jürgen I. moved into the Mayor’s office on Monday where he intends to run things until Ash Wednesday.

Prince Jürgen I. with his page Sonja Coy, and Lord Stewart Patrick Volz along with Mayor Hans-Georg Brum, Alderman Christof Fink and Treasurer Thorsten Schorr. (Photo: Stadt Oberursel)

The photo shows him settling into the Mayor’s office with his page Sonja Coy and Lord Stewart Patrick Volz, with Mayor Hans-Georg Brum, Alderman Christof Fink and Treasurer Thorsten Schorr in the background.

Carollers at the town hall

Carol singers in German do not go from house to house before Christmas eve, they do it afterwards instead – specifically between 27th December and 6th January.

During this time, the so-called “Sternsinger”, organised by the local church and who are sometimes translated as “star boys”, go from house to house to collect for a particular good cause using the year’s motto and dressed as the Three Kings.

This year the motto is “Segen bringen – Segen sein!” (bring a blessing – be a blessing!) and the money raised will go to help children worldwide, in particular in the Philippines.  With the whole country taking part, it is not unusual to raise over €40 million.

Before they leave they write 20*C+M+B+15 on the door frame, the letters standing for “Christus mansionem benedicat”, or “God protect this house”. [Read more…]

Interview at Vietnamese Festival

Mayor Hans-Georg Brum giving an interview to a Vietnamese television crew

Oberursel’s Mayor Hans-Georg Brum giving an interview to a Vietnamese television crew at the cultural festival on Sunday, 21st September 2014.  He was keen to point out that many people living in northern Frankfurt have Vietnamese roots and that there are a number of Vietnamese restaurants in the area.  He saw Vietnam as a “travel destination of future”.

The Ehrenmal – Restored at last to comfort, honour, warn and teach

For the past three years, I have been following the restoration work of the memorial to those from Oberursel who died in the First World War: The Ehrenmal. The war memorial, which stands next to the Christuskirche at the crossing of the Oberhöchstadter Straße and the Füllerstraße, was badly in need of restoration when the Hessentag took place in the town, but now, thanks to the donations of not only the town itself but many private families, once again is glittering in the evening sunset. With the mosaic pieces returned to the column and the column itself now stabilised, it was a solumn ceremony that took place on Wednesday, 23rd July, 2014 to commemorate the war dead and officialy re-dedicate the memorial. [Read more…]

Photos of the 6th Oberurseler Feyerey

The 6th Oberurseler Feyerey (middle ages market and festival) took place at the weekend. Here are a collection of photos taken Saturday afternoon:

(Click to enlarge)

Photos of the 14th Rheingau Wine Festival

The 14th Rheingau Wine Festival was opened on Friday by Mayor Hans-Georg Brum.

With him were Fountain Queen Carolyn II. and Brunnenmeister Harry (left), along with visiting dignitaries the Hattenheim Wine Queen Louisa Follrich and Oestrich Wine Princess Sophie Egert.

Opening the wine festival: Harry Pratt, Carolyn IIl, Louisa Follrich, Sophie Egert, Hans-Georg Brum

Town guides thanked for 10 years of tours

10 years ago a group of Oberursel’s residents met in the “Zum Schwanen” pub in the old town to begin their training as town guides.  Knows as the “Stadtführer”, they not only take groups around the town centre, but other parts as well such as the Hohe Mark clinic and Camp King.  They also offer walks along the Mühlenwanderweg and themed tours about the war memorials and jewish life in the town.

To celebrate their 10th anniversary, a group of the guides returned to the spot where it all began where they were met by Mayor Hans-Georg Brum and town treasurer Thorsten Schorr. [Read more…]

The fountain festival is officially open

It may have been Friday 13th, but the fountain festival got off to a good start on Friday evening with fine weather and a slight breeze over the market square.

After the traditional church service, there were speeches by the chairman of the joint charities committee Rolf Steinhagen, Mayor Hans-Georg Brum, and fountain queen Carolyn II. before the barrel of beer was officially tapped. [Read more…]

50 Years of Twinning – Bees, U-Bahn and Birthday Cake

Saturday (7th June, 2014) was a day of celebration in Oberursel, with 40 guests visiting from the twin town of Epinay-sur-Seine to mark the 50th anniversary of the town twinning.

The day began in the Adenauerallee next to the “Annika fountain” and the cedar tree with a “honey breakfast” and the inauguration of a butineur urbain  – a civic bee hive.

Manfred Belz from the local bee keepers’ club gave a short talk on the importance of the bees in the environment, and on the different types of honey that they produce at different times of the year.

The project is being supported by the grammar school in Oberursel, and will eventually be moved to their grounds.  Financial assistance is being provided by a charity associated with Frankfurt Airport.

Oberursel’s Mayor Hans-Georg Brum, accompanied by Epinay’s Deputy Mayor Patrice Konieczny, said that the twinning still young and active after 50 years, and that sustainability was a key issue for it.  A similar bee-hive was installed last month in Epinay-sur-Seine, and this is seen as a “airlift” connection between the two towns. [Read more…]

Prince Benjamin I. at the town hall

Prince Benjamin I. in the town hall on Monday, 24th February, 2014 (Photo: Stadt Oberursel)

Having taken over the town hall on Saturday, Prince Benjamin I. has taken a “hands-on” approach.

Not only did he take a tour of the departments on Monday morning, he sat in on a press conference and announced his intention to take over the council meeting on Wednesday evening.

In the photo he is seen in one of the offices getting to grips with the telephone system, wtih Mayor Hans-Georg Brum (left), treasurer Thorsten Schorr (right), his Lord Steward Harald Pratt and pages Nadine and Nathalie.

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