The new fire brigade mobile command vehicle

During their annual open day on Sunday, 6th May, 2018, Oberursel’s fire brigade in the Marxstraße officially took delivery of their new mobile command vehicle, with the keys being handed over by the town’s treasurer Thorsten Schorr to the town’s fire brigade inspector Holger Himmelhuber.

The new mobile command vehicle (Einsatzleitfahrzeug)

Drama in the Altkönigstraße

Police were called to a flat in the Altkönigstraße at 11am on Monday, 24th October, 2016, where a man refused access to the flat despite a medical emergency being reported.  As police believed the situation to be dangerous, a wide area was cordoned off with both orderlies from the town and the fire brigade attending.

At 4.15pm police overpowered the man in his flat and he is now receiving medical attention in a clinic.

The Taunushalle and the Maternity Ward

It was Saturday, 6th December, 2014.  The couples Sabine and Frank Starnberger along with Antonia and Karlheinz Meier were on their way to the hospital in Bad Homburg, where they their first children were about to be born.  But whilst the mothers stayed calm, Frank was so nervous, that he needed something to calm him down.  Karlheinz meanwhile had been in a strange accident and was now a patient himself in the hospital. [Read more…]

25 Years (and more) serving the Town and the Fire Service

When Holger Himmelhuber passed one of his friends washing a fire engine at the Bleiche, it was an encounter that would go on to change his life.  Not only did he join the “Oberursel-Mitte” fire brigade on that same day in 1976, but 5 years later he played a role in creating the “Jugendfeuerwehr” (youth fire brigade) and shortly afterwards became responsible for maintaining the equipment as well.

Some years later, in 1988, he took on the role of “Wehrführer”, putting in him charge of the town centre’s fire brigade, located in the Marxstraße.  It was at this point that he because an “Ehrenbeamter”, which roughly translates as being a voluntary civil servant.

That was 25 years ago, and to celebrate a number of members of the fire brigade, along with his family, gathered at the town hall for a presentation made by the town’s treasurer Thorsten Schorr. [Read more…]

September: Stadtradeln – cycling for the climate

Alderman Christof Fink with some of the Stadtradeln participants (Photo: Stadt Oberursel)

In June this year Oberursel took part in the “Stadtradeln” competition, where members of the town council and other citizens of the town switch from their cars to bicycles to save carbon dioxide.

18 members of parliament and a further 153 people from the town took part in 17 teams and cycled a total of 27,039 kilometres, saving 3.8 tonnes of the gas.

The photo shows Alderman Christof Fink with the some of those who took part.

The winning team came from the town’s fire brigade (Freiwilligen Feuerwehr Oberursel), who managed 693km per person, followed in 2nd place by City, Bike & Fun and 3rd place by the company “Hydrodata”.

What is going to happen to the temporary classrooms in the Marxstraße?

If you drive along the Marxstraße in Oberursel you can’t help noticing the empty classrooms at one end of the road next to the Red Cross building and just before the entrance to Rolls Royce.

These „temporary“ classrooms have now been there for just over 25 years, and have over the course of those years been home to classes from Frankfurt International School (FIS), the primary school in Oberstedten, the primary school in Bommersheim and the grammar school (Gymnasium).

But now they stand empty and at the town council meeting last week the CDU party put forward no less than two motions on what to do with them, which led into another two motions on after-school child-care places.

The first suggestion was to have the buildings checked out to see if they can offer additional after-school places until others become available. This needed very little discussion, as, apparently, there is a tradition for all parties to support motions to “check” things, so-called “Prüfanträge”. [Read more…]

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