Oberursel will soon have a steam railway again

It was three years ago, on 12th October, 2014, that the last train rolled over the tracks of the miniature railway belonging to the Dampfbahnclub Taunus in the Mainstraße.  After that day the tracks, buildings and other fixtures of the old layout were taken up and removed, work that took a whole year to complete.

After that workers from the local authority (Hochtaunuskreis) arrived and started the groundwork for the new railway.  They laid the foundations according to a plan that members of the club had designed.  In October 2015 the tunnel was installed and the club members moved the railway shed to its new location.

Come January 2016 the club was back on its own and started to build the new layout.  Not only did that have to do everything themselves, they had to make most of it as well as almost none of the elements from the old layout – including the tracks – could be re-used and had to be replaced. [Read more…]

Frankfurter Landstraße One-Way

Commuters travelling from Oberursel and the surrounding area to Frankfurt face delays due to roadworks that started today in the Frankfurter Landstraße.

To allow the area opposite the U-Bahn station “Bommersheim” to be re-developed,  new utility pipes are being laid and the road will be widened to allow for a lane for traffic turning off into the new site.

Whilst the work is going on, the Frankfurter Landstraße is going to be a one-way street towards Oberursel.  Traffic travelling towards Frankfurt will be diverted along the Zimmersmühlenweg and the Ludwig-Erhard-Straße. [Read more…]

TaunaBad indoor pool to re-open on Monday

The indoor pool at the TaunaBad is to re-open on Monday, 25th September, 2017 following maintenance work that was carried out during the summer.

Work will still be taking place on repairing problems with the roof.  An intermediate ceiling will allow the work to take place whilst the pool is open and outside a cover for the roof will be installed on scaffolding.  However the operators warn that it may still be necessary to close the pool for a few days in October. [Read more…]

Herbsttreiben – a Market of Markets

The annual Herbsttreiben weekend in Oberursel is being held between the 15th and 17th of September, 2017.

On these days, a handicraft market will take place on the Epinayplatz and in the Kumeliusstraße, cider will be sold on the Marktplatz at the “Ebbelwoi-Vertestigung”, whilst stalls selling French wares will be on the car park behind the Stadthalle.

Sunday, 17th September is “verkaufsoffen” and many of the shops in the town centre will be open during the afternoon.
[Read more…]

Even in the rain the woods can be fun

The Waldfest in Oberursel traditionally takes place on the last Saturday of the school holidays, which in this year fell on the 12th of August.  Regular visitors will have found lots of familiar faces and activities from previous years.  Bernd Peppler and Liisa Inkinen were there with their birds of prey “Ukko” the eagle owl and “Pekko” the harris hawk.  There were stands to learn about bees, and nature quiz and of course the pond observations.  There were guided tours through the woods, as well as coffee, cakes, salads and the barbeque.

But there were also a lot of new things, starting with the opening at 12 noon which was carried out this year by the vice-chairman of the Schulwald supporters: Thorsten Schorr, who explained to the guests what other new things they could expect. [Read more…]

One weekend, two festivals, three Mayors

There have been some high-level changes recently at Oberursel’s twin towns.

In May, Councillor Sophia Choudhary was nominated to be the new Mayor of Rushmoor.  There the position, which is largely a representative role, is not elected directly but instead by the town council.  Not only is Councillor Choudhary the youngest Mayor the borough has ever seen, she is also the first female muslim Mayor that they have had.  She uses the title “Mayor”, and not “Mayoress”, joking that the latter is used by her sister Attika, who accompanies her on official engagements. [Read more…]

9th Oberursel Feyerey

The middle ages will be coming to Oberursel at the weekend when the 9th annual “Feyerey” takes place on the fields next to the “Bachpfädchen”.

Over 68 market stands will offering food and drink, hand-made goods, and items such as soap and honey.

There will be games for children, fire shows, music and dancing, and even shows with birds of prey.  Click here for the times of the shows.

The event takes place on the fields between the Mühlenwanderweg and the Marxstraße.  To get there, either park on the field between the Marxstraße and the Hohemarkstraße or take the U-Bahn to “Lahnstraße”. [Read more…]

17th Rheingau Wine Festival

The 17th Rheingau Wine Festival in Oberursel is being held between Friday 4th August and Sunday 6th August 2017 on the Marktplatz.

Many of the vineyards at the festival will be familiar to those who have been before, as they have been coming for a number of years and often have their stands in the same place each year.

Visitors can expect to find selected Riesling and Spätburgunder (Pinot Noir) wines from towns such as Lorch, Hattenheim, Hochheim, Giesenheim, Erbach, Johannisberg and Oestrich-Winkel.

There will also be a variety of food on offer, including Flammkuchen (Tarte Flambee) and (Zwiebelkuchen) Onion cake.

The festival will be officially opened on Friday evening at 6.30pm. [Read more…]

Jürgen Ponto Fountain

During the 1970s the Red Army Faction, also known as the RAF, assassinated and kidnapped a number of important figures in West Germany.  They also set of a number of bombs at major buildings and U.S. bases.

On 30th July, 1977, they attempted to kidnap Jürgen Ponto, the chairman of the Dresdner Bank board of directors.  The attempt when wrong and instead he was shot in his own home in Oberursel.

The fountain between the Rathaus and the Stadthalle is dedicated to him.  The designer, Claus Bury, wanted to depict how he was torn away from his family, leaving a gap in their lives.  Hence the steps which have been carved out of the main piece of stone and placed some distance away. [Read more…]

Children try out working with wood in the Rushmoor Park workshop

The children’s workshop that set up camp this week is well known to many children in Oberursel.  Klaus Bethold and Roswitha Weißschnur from Leipzig have been coming to the town since the Hessentag in 2011, where they could be found at the Maasgrund.  They are regular visitors to the Christmas market and the Waldfest, as well as working together with some of the primary schools in the town.

But this year they are taking part in the Orscheler Sommer events for the first time and are on a site behind the Christuskirche for a whole week.  This has its advantages according to Klaus, 75.  Anyone can come and they can spend as long as they like trying out the tools. [Read more…]

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