Bus driver attacked in Oberstedten

A bus driver in Oberstedten suffered lacerations after being attacked by two young men on Sunday, 22nd December, at around 9.20pm.

An argument had broken out between the driver and the two passengers after they had started hitting the windows inside the bus.  After the men left the bus in the Bergweg they continued to bang on the windows from the outside, at which point the driver also got out to have words with them.

A fight ensued and the 45-year-old driver was hit in the face a number of times.  As a result of his injuries he was taken to hospital for stitches.

The men are both described as being between 19 and 22 years old, 1.80m tall, and wearing dark clothes.  After the attack they both quickly left the scene and police have as yet been unable to trace them.

Boy mugged in the U-Bahn

A 12-year-old boy was attacked in the U-Bahn (U3) on Tuesday, 24th September, 2013.  The attack took place between the stops “Waldlust” and “Lahnstraße” just before 6pm.

The attacker is described as a man, around 1.80m or 1.85m tall, well built, with a black beard.  He was wearing black trousers, a black jumper with a hood, and coloured Adidas trainers.

According to police, he hit the boy in the stomach and then took his keys before leaving the train at the “Lahnstraße” station.  Luckily the boy was not hurt.

Detectives in Bad Homburg would like to hear from anyone who can identify the man on 06172 1200.

Witnesses sought for possible arson attack

Police in Bad Homburg are asking witnesses to came forward after investigations into a fire in Oberursel on 21st December 2012 revealed that it was probably started deliberately.

The fire started at 2.10pm on that afternoon in the Dornbachstraße.  The investigation into the fire found out that the fire was probably caused by a group of youths, one of whom through a lit firework onto the balcony of the flat concerned.

According to one witnesses that have already been spoken to the group was made up of 4 or 5 youths, probably of German origin, 13 to 15 years old and between 150 and 160cm tall.  One of them was a girl with blond hair and wearing a dark jacket and light coloured jeans.  One of the boys was older and taller than the rest, with dark coloured hair and wearing a turquoise or light blue jacked and dark trousers.

The group fled via the Usastraße and it is suspected that they live near the Dornbachcenter and often hang around there.

The fire caused €60,000 of damage.

Anyone who can help with the enquiry is asked to call Bad Homburg police on 06172 1200.

Cyclist attacked between Oberhöchstadt and Oberursel

On Monday, 15th October, 2012 at around 2.45pm, a 46 year old woman from Oberhöchstadt was cycling along the cycle path from the “Waldsiedlung” towards Oberursel on her mountain bike, when she noticed a man on a mountain bike approaching her from behind.

When he was level with her, he grabbed the strap of her rucksack so hard, that she fell to the ground and injured herself.  The man continued to pull on the rucksack and once he had pulled it free he fled towards Stierstadt.

The man is described as follows: North African appearance, 20-25 years old, slim, 175-180cm tall, short dark hair and a long nose.  He was wearing a black jacket with a hood, faded blue jeans and white trainers.  His mountain bike was blue and red with large letters on the frame.

The rucksack contained over €200 in cash, ID card and a monthly RMV ticket.

Anyone who can help the police is asked to call Oberursel 06171 6240-0.

Witnesses sought after mugging in Weißkirchen

Detectives in Bad Homburg are looking for anyone who witnessed an attack in Weißkirchen on Saturday evening.

A 52 year old man was returning home from work in Frankfurt when he was attacked and robbed by three men.

The men are described as being approximately 1.80m tall, masked and wearing dark clothes.  The police report that they hit their victim before giving him an electric shock, after which they proceeded to hit and kick him.

After they had taken the cash that he was carrying they ran off.

Anyone who saw the attack or was near the U-Bahn station in Weißkirchen at around 10.45pm is asked to call the police in Bad Homburg (Kripo) on 06172 1200.

Stabbing in Oberursel’s Town Hall

This morning a visitor to Oberursel’s Town Hall (Rathaus) attacked one of the workers there with a knife and was overpowered by a member of the Ordnungsamt.

The town hall remained closed for the rest of the morning.  The attacker was taken into police custody.

The town employee was treated at the scene and then transferred to hospital.  Despite being stabbed in the back, they are apparently out of danger and expected to be discharged possibly as soon as tomorrow.

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