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Jubilee Concert in Weißkirchen

The music group “Germania 1873 Weißkirchen/Ts e.V.” are holding a concert to celebrate their 140th anniversary on Sunday, 17th November, 2013 at 5pm in the sports hall of the “TV Weißkirchen”, which is located at Oberurseler Straße 16.

Among the groups singing will be the pop and jazz choir “Tontauben”.

Entry is free but a donation is requested.

German and Tontauben concert flyer

Rhythm of Life Concert

Rhythm of Life FlyerA concert called the “Rhythm of Life” is being held in the Stadthalle in Oberursel on Saturday, 16th November, 2013 at 7.30pm.

Taking part will be the choir “CHORiosum”, the children’s choir, the orchestra and band from Oberursel’s music school, all conducted by Holger Pusinelli.

The choir “Vil-belCanto” will also be taking part, conducted by Benedikt Bach.

Tickets cost €10 for adults and €8 for children.


3,000 step walk for senior citizens

Group of Senior Citizens walking - ©Can Stock Photo Inc. / micropixThe Seniorentreff in Oberursel will be offering a 3,000 step walk on Wednesday, 20th November, 2013.

To take part, be at the Christuskirche in the Oberhöchstädter Straße at 3pm.

The new citizens of Oberursel

Young people who have turned 18 were given their Bürgerbrief at the Stadthalle

Each year in November, the young people of Oberursel who have turned 18 in the past 12 months are given a  “Bürgerbrief”, formally welcoming them into the town’s community.

Berthold Scholz – 90th Birthday

Happy Birthday - ©Can Stock Photo Inc. / flamingoladyCongratulations to Herr Berthold Scholz in Weißkirchen who is 90 years old today.

From the town council: Swimming, Sewage, the Station, and the Saga of the Bärenkreuzung

The last meeting of the town council in Oberursel was a long, drawn out affair, which even prompted Mayor Hans-Georg Brum to refer to part of the debate as a “Gebetsmühle” – literally a “prayer wheel”, ie. a discussion that was taking a long time and going round in circles.

It was also the point in the council year for treasurer Thorsten Schorr to make his annual budget speech, the debate on which was deferred to a later date after the Bürgerversammlung about the proposed savings.

Part of that budget may have played a role in the OBG asking what the pre-requisites are for town employees taking on committee roles in charities such as the Förderverein Taunabad during their work time and whether this was not something that the town was doing voluntarily and hence should possibly be reduced or stopped altogether under the budget constraints. [Read more…]

Collision with overtaking taxi

An accident occurred late at night at the junction of the Oberhöchstadter Straße and Weingärtenumgehung on Wednesday, 23rd October, 2013.

The 19-year-old driver of an Audi heading out of the town wanted to turn left from the Oberhöchstadter Straße onto the Weingärtenumgehung (by-pass), when just before the turning he was overtaken by a taxi.

The vehicles collided, as a result of which the Audi hit a wall.  Both drivers were slightly hurt.

The Rotary Club Youth Prize 2013

The Stadtschülerrat: Celina Schön, Elhami Rexhepi, Inessa Komandirova, Lea  Kulens, Lucca Riitano, Lutz Bischoff, Martin Müller, Marvin Fammler,Max Müller, Maxi Maier, Nariman Shojai and Sophia  Fammler, with Alderman Christof Fink (left)

The Stadtschülerrat: Celina Schön, Elhami Rexhepi, Inessa Komandirova, Lea Kulens, Lucca Riitano, Lutz Bischoff, Martin Müller, Marvin Fammler,Max Müller, Maxi Maier, Nariman Shojai and Sophia Fammler, with Alderman Christof Fink (left)

The Rotary Club Youth Prize (Jugendförderpreis) 2013 was awarded to the Stadtschülerrat for their voluntary work during the Bürgerempfang in the Stadthalle on Tuesday, 29th October, 2013.

The Stadtschülerrat is a committee made up of representatives elected by pupils in the town’s schools.

In the past year they planned a basketball tournament, a talent show and were also involved with the fountain festival (Brunnenfest).

Flea Market in the Adenauerallee

Flea Market - ©Can Stock Photo Inc. / photoflorenzoThe monthly flea market in the Adenauerallee in Oberursel will take place on Saturday, 16th November, 2013 between 7am and 1pm.

The flea market starts at the end of the pedestrian zone and continues the length of the Adenauerallee and over the railway lines towards Bommersheim. One part also takes place in the Nassauer Straße next to the U-Bahn tracks.

To get there by train take either the line U3 or S5 to Oberursel’s main station.


Friday Night Jazz at the Portstrasse

Music and Dance - ©Can Stock Photo Inc. / james2000The musikhalle portstrasse is holding a “Friday night Jam Session” on Friday, 15th November, 2013 at 8pm.

Entry is free.

The “musikhalle” is located opposite the U-Bahn station “Altstadt” on the U3 line.

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