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Take a tour of Oberursel’s old town

The Bleiche in Oberursels old townA tour of the old town (Altstadt) part of Oberursel is being offered on Saturday, 1st March, 2014 at 2pm.

The tour starts in front of the Vortaunusmuseum at the Marktplatz at 2pm and costs €3 per person.

Reduced U-Bahn service on Sunday

Work on the tracks in the U-Bahn tunnel in Frankfurt will mean a reduced service running on Sunday, 23rd February, 2014.

The lines U1 and U2 will terminate at “Hügelstraße” from where buses will continue along the route to the “Südbahnhof”.  Most U3 and U8 trains will terminate at “Heddernheim”.

The S-Bahn S5 provides an alternative way to get to Frankfurt from Oberursel.

More power for the Ausländerbeirat?

When the chairman of Oberursel’s Ausländerbeirat, Dr. Franz Zenker, made his annual speech to the town council at the beginning of February, it was hard to overlook the fact that he wanted his committee to be granted the “Antragsrecht” – the right to put their own motions directly to the council.  In fact, he used the word at least nine times during the speech!

And it would seem that he may get his way, with the SPD, Green party, and CDU all supporting motions to grant the committee that right, although not without some criticism. [Read more…]

Dealing with the problem in the Eppsteiner Straße

“An accusation has been made, unlike anything the town’s administration has ever been accused of before” was how Dr. Eggert Wintert (SPD) commented on the claims by the BUND (the German branch of “Friends of the Earth”) that the removal of toxic waste from a piece of ground in the Eppsteiner Straße had caused health problems for one family who had run a shop there.

He quoted from the dossier, commenting on the fact that setting free toxic gases can carry a prison sentence of up to 10 years.

But he also made clear that to make such claims, BUND must be able to prove them and take responsibility for the consequences of making them, concluding that the way the dossier had been distributed by e-mail and social media that it had been designed to cause a scandal. [Read more…]

Building site broken into

The building site at the new Porsche garage was broken into on the weekend of 8th – 10th February, 2014.  Cable and electrical parts work around €2,500 were stolen.

The thieves broke through part of a roll-up door and were then able to activate an emergency exit to gain access to the rooms, where they removed a number of switches, sockets, fuses and 2,000m of cable.

Car damaged on supermarket car park – witnesses sought

A 54-year-old driver of a blue BMW returned to his parked car in a supermarket car park in the Zimmersmühlenweg to discover scratches on the rear right-hand side bumper.

The car had been parked between 12.30pm and 1.30pm in the car park on Saturday, 18th January, 2014 and the cost of the damage is put at 700EUR.

As the person who caused the damage left without dealing with it, police in Oberursel are asking for witnesses to come forward and call them on 06171 62400.

Hospitalstraße closed for 2 days

Roadworks sign - ©Can Stock Photo Inc. / RedKoalaThe Hospitalstraße will be closed in both directions in front of house number 20 on Thursday, 20th February and Friday, 21st February, 2014 to allow for re-surfacing work to take place.

Coffee on Sunday Afternoon at the Seniorentreff

Coffee and Cake - ©Can Stock Photo Inc. / AndreyStThe Seniorentreff in Oberursel will be holding a coffee afternoon on Sunday, 23rd February, 2014 between 2pm and 6pm in the “Altes Hospital” (Hospitalstraße 9).


Zumba with Maxima at Café Portstrasse

Zumba with Maxima“Girls only” is the motto at Café Portstrasse on Sunday, 23rd February, 2014 with not only the café open from 3pm until 6pm, but also a one-hour Zumba workshop with Maxima at 3pm.

The workshop is free for girls to take part in and comfortable clothing is recommended.

Obere Zeil closed this week

Roadworks sign - ©Can Stock Photo Inc. / RedKoalaDue to work on underground pipes the Obere Zeil will be closed until Thursday, 20th February, 2014.


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