Break-in at jewellers in the Holzweg

A jewellers shop in the Holzweg was broken into early on Tuesday morning with the thieves making off with gold jewellery.

Although police say the jewellery were in fact “dummies”, the damage is still given as several thousand Euro.

They believe that the thieves broke in by making a hole in the glass door with a sledge hammer.

Whilst they are still evaluating the video evidence, detectives in Bad Homburg would like to hear from anyone who was in the Holzweg between 3.30am and 4am on Tuesday morning and may have seen anything suspicious.  They can be reached by telephone on 06172 1200.


Two accidents whilst leaving parking spaces

Two accidents that took place in Oberursel on Friday, 17th May, 2013 happened when cars were being driven out of parking spaces.

The first happened in the Holzweg car park, where the driver who was leaving a space frontwards oversaw a car that was passing by.  The car had to be towed out and the total damage is estimated at around €2,150.

Later on in the day, another car was being backed out of a space in the Kumeliusstraße, when it hit a grey Mercedes Benz parked at the side of the ride.  The driver who had been backing out left the scene of the accident without taking care of the damage, but the number plate of his car was noted by a witness who passed the information on to police.  The driver, whose car was not damaged, was later found by police.  The damage to the Mercedes is estimated at around €1,000.

Bodystreet opens Microfitnessstudio in the Holzweg

A new type of fitness studio opened in the Holzweg on Friday (19th April, 2013).  The “microfitnessstudio” run by Carolyn Cozzo is part of the “Bodystreet” chain of fitness studios and it is called “micro” for a reason – because it is small.

There is, of course, a reason for it being so small.  In fact, the studio only has 100 square metres of floor space and two machines.  But these machines are the key to the training on offer.

Carolyn Cozzo, Dennis Gomez and Petra Aravena on the first day at Bodystreet in the Holzweg

For a start, training is by appointment.  Each training session lasts 20 minutes and is accompanied by a personal trainer who, because there are only two machines, only has two people to train.

And then there is the machine itself, which rather than using weights or force to train the muscles uses something called “electrical muscle stimulation” (EMS).

To train with one of the machines you first have to put on a special jacket which is then connected by a cable to the machine, as well as straps on your legs and upper arms and a waistband.  Under this you wear a special undergarment to help conduct the electricity better and also for hygienic reasons.

When the current is applied, different levels can be set to stimulate the muscles by different amounts, with the preferred settings stored on a chip card.  With the muscles stimulated, the training begins.  Apparently 20 minutes of training under these conditions is the equivalent to a 3 hour traditional workout, making it more suited to someone with a tight schedule.

Carolyn Cozzo demonstrates the EMS training at Bodystreet

Carolyn Cozzo demonstrates the EMS training at Bodystreet

One 20 minute session is also the amount of time that the studio recommend training each week and their prices reflect this.  They offer 6, 12 and 18 month contracts based on exactly that model: one appointment per week, with the price per week starting at €19.90 and going up the shorter the contract length is.

Anyone who prefers not to commit themselves to the weekly appointment can instead buy a card for 10 sessions and book these on an ad-hoc basis, but this pushes the price up to €49.90 per session.

The good news for AllThingsGerman readers is that the trainers speak a variety of languages, so at present they can offer sessions in English, Spanish or Italian.

Oberursel’s Carnival Procession – Sunday, 10th February, 2013

The town executive in the carnival procession 2012Sunday afternoon sees the annual carnival procession take place in Oberursel, with this year seeing a new route for the procession to avoid the narrow streets and tight corners around the pedestrian precinct.

The procession will form in the Altkönigstraße and then leave from “Am Rahmtor” at 2.11pm before crossing the Marktplatz and entering the Eppsteiner Str.

On reaching the “Homm-Kreisel” it will turn into the Holzweg and cross the Epinayplatz before entering the Henchenstraße, at the end of which it will turn into the Liebfrauenstraße.

From here it will follow the old route along the Adenauerallee, turning into the Aumühlenstraße, then into the Austraße before finishing in front of the police station in the Oberhöchstadter Straße around 2½ hours later.

A commentary of the procession will be provided at the Marktplatz, Epinayplatz and in the Austraße, with food stands on the Epinayplatz for the first time.

Road closures and diversions

No waiting signs for the processionTo allow the roads to be closed to traffic, the town centre will be closed off from 1pm.

The Hohemarkstraße will be closed at “Im Diezen”.  Traffic travelling south will be diverted via Im Diezen, Erich-Ollenhauer-Straße, Frieligrathstraße, Herzbergstraße, Kumeliusstraße or Liebfrauenstraße, and back onto the Feldbergsraße.

The Feldbergstraße will be closed at the junction with the Liebfrauenstraße or Kumeliusstraße.  Traffic travelling north will be diverted via the Kumeliusstraße and Berliner Straße back onto the Hohemarkstraße.

The Freiligrathstraße will be closed between the Homm-Kreisel and Berliner Straße.

The bus routes 41 and 42 will still be operating but will travel around the Homm-Kreisel in the opposite direction to the normal flow of traffic.

It is expected that the roads will re-open at around 6pm.

Bicycle shop broken into

A bicycle shop in the Holzweg was broken into in the early hours of last Monday morning when someone broke the shop window with a hammer and stole the mountain bike that was at the front of the display.

A witness approached the thief who then proceeded to ride towards the witness.  The two collided, the witness being hurting their arm.  The thief then left the bicycle behind and ran off in the direction of the old town.

He is described as slim, of Mediterranean appearance, around 16 to 18 years old and approximately 1.65m tall. He was wearing a black jumper with back tracksuit trousers.

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