Three injured in collision between bus and lorry

Three people were slightly injured and around €40,000 of damage was caused last Thursday morning (20th June, 2013) in an accident that took place in the Zimmersmühlenweg.

A bus was turning right onto a park & ride car park and in doing so had to go further out into the road.  The lorry travelling behind failed to stop in time and collided with the bus.

The lorry driver and his passenger were injured, as was an 83-year-old passenger in the bus.


Two accidents whilst leaving parking spaces

Two accidents that took place in Oberursel on Friday, 17th May, 2013 happened when cars were being driven out of parking spaces.

The first happened in the Holzweg car park, where the driver who was leaving a space frontwards oversaw a car that was passing by.  The car had to be towed out and the total damage is estimated at around €2,150.

Later on in the day, another car was being backed out of a space in the Kumeliusstraße, when it hit a grey Mercedes Benz parked at the side of the ride.  The driver who had been backing out left the scene of the accident without taking care of the damage, but the number plate of his car was noted by a witness who passed the information on to police.  The driver, whose car was not damaged, was later found by police.  The damage to the Mercedes is estimated at around €1,000.

Learner driver went the wrong way

An 18-year-old learner driver was travelling the Berliner Straße on Monday, 6th May, 2013, in an Opel Corsa, heading towards the Nassauer Straße, when he oversaw the one-way-sign at the Freiligrathstraße.

He realised his mistake when he saw cars coming towards him and steered the car to the right.

Unfortunately in doing so he hit the railings between the road and the U-Bahn tracks, causing €750 of damage.  The car had to be towed away.

Accident in the Stadthalle car park

Police in Oberursel are looking for the driver of BMW 1 series that may have caused damage to another car in the underground car park of the Stadthalle on Thursday, 2nd May, 2013 between 2.45pm and 3.30pm.

A Mercedes parked on level one was damaged on the left-hand side, and police believe this was caused by another car parking or leaving the space next to it.  They say that the driver left the scene of the accident, but on searching the car park they found the BMW parked on level two and believe it was involved in the accident.  They are now trying to trace the owner.

Car damaged – note left – driver absconded

A Porsche Carrera 911 was damaged whilst it was parked at the Taunus Information Centre on Tuesday, 2nd April, 2013, some time between 11am and 1.30pm.  The damage is to the front left wing (fender) and is estimated to be around €1,000.

Police believe that the damage was caused by another car parking or leaving next to the Porsche.  The driver who caused the accident left a note with their telephone number, but as this does not comply with the obligations that they have according to law § 34 StVO this means that officially they absconded from the scene of an accident and police have started an investigation.  Had the driver called the police and left the note, then this would not have been necessary.

Anyone who saw the accident take place is asked to call the police station in Oberursel on 06171 62400.

Car collided with traffic lights – driver fled

In the early hours of Friday morning (22nd March, 2013), a Daimler Chrysler car driving by a 25-year-old woman hit a set of traffic lights whilst making a left turn off the Frankfurter Landstraße.

Instead of stopping and dealing with the damage, the driver continued on her way, but was soon found by police.  It was then ascertained that she had been under the influence of alcohol at the time of the accident and a blood sample was taken.  She had also been slightly injured in the accident.

The damage is estimated at €10,000.

Drunk driver injured in Weißkirchen

The 26-year-old driver of a Ford Cougar was travelling along the Kurmainzer Straße last Thursday night (7th March, 2013), when his car came off the road and hit a Honda Civic.

The driver, who police describe as being drunk, was slightly injured.  Police confiscated his driving license and took a blood sample.

Both cars were damaged considerably, with the damage estimated at €5,500.


Early morning accident in the Altkönigstraße

In the early hours of Sunday morning (17th February, 2013), a 20-year-old man was driving his Renault car along the Altkönigstraße when he came into contact with two cars that had been properly parked and damaged them.

He continued on his journey without dealing with the situation and police believe that he was under the influence of alcohol at this time.  They were able to identify the car shortly afterwards and find out how was driving it.

They then found the driver at home in his flat and took him to the police station for a blood alcohol test.  His driving license was confiscated.  The damage to the cars is estimated at €5,200 but no-one was hurt.

Accident on the Kanonenstraße

Unfallzeit: Freitag, 08.02.2013 19:03 Uhr

Unfallort: 61440 Oberursel, L3004, Kanonenstraße

An accident which caused around €36,000 of damage took place on the Kanonenstraße (L3004) last Friday evening, 8th February, 2013.

A 21-year-old driver from Schmitten  was travelling along the road in a BMW towards Oberursel.  A 41-year-old driver, also from Schmitten, was travelling in the opposite direction in a Renault.

The BMW driver lost control of her vehicle in one of the curves due to ice on the road.  The car ended up on the opposite side of the road where it collided with the Renault.

The Renault hit the crash barrier and flipped onto the right-hand side of the car, however the driver was able to free himself.  Both drivers were slightly hurt.

Two injured on the Hohemarkstraße

Two people were slightly injured in an accident which took place on the Hohemarkstraße last Wednesday (30th January, 2013).

At the turning “Im Rosengärtchen” the 20-year-old driver of a VW Golf was too late in noticing that the car in front of her, a Toyota Yaris, had braked and drove into it.  The force of the collision shunted the Toyota into the Peogot in front of it.  The drivers of the Peugot and Toyota, both 22 years old, were slightly injured as a result.

The damage to the vehicles is estimated at €5,500.

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